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Again more pictures have been received......hence the arrival of 'General 'A' Pictures' (3)


Famed Cannon Row Duties Sergeant PS 41 'A' Horace Thorpe.
Sergeant Thorpe was an absolute Gentleman.
He was in a position to make or break your life.
He always treated you fairly and as an individual.Horace would help you if he possibly could.
He was truly a Gentleman within the Metropolitan Police.
Horace, thanks from all of us.
Images Above and Right: Presented by Ex Ps 1 'A'/137054 Ernie Jeffery.
I am submitting a couple of cartoons which were drawn by Sergeant Macnamara. If my memory serves me right Mac arrived at AD in the early 1960's. He was always known as Mac so I cannot be sure of his first name but I believe it was Ken .He was a gifted cartoonist with a dry sense of humour and provided us with many lighter moments.

I am sure that his depiction of PS41 Horace Thorpe ,the then Duties sergeant, will be instantly recognisable to any personnel who were serving at AD in the late 1950's or early 1960's. Horace was an absolute wizard with anything electrical. If your TV was playing up all you had to do was tell him the make and model and give him a brief description of the symptoms from which he would unerringly diagnose the problem, provide the necessary components and instructions on how to effect a DIY repair. Three quarters of the capacity of the stationery cupboard in the Sergeant's room was taken up with Horace's spare valves etc and a variety of appliances awaiting his attention. His electrical knowledge was legendary. Even the then Commissioner used his services albeit through the medium of his chauffeur. Duty rosters occasionally sufferred as a result of these activities hence the cartoon. The 18lb cod that I caught off of Newhaven resulted in a domestic argument with my wife when the said cod became an irretrievable block of ice in the freezing compartment of our small fridge. I related the story to Mac and others and the cartoon, captioned ' Disturbance on the A.1.' resulted.

By the way Horace retains the original cartoon which is framed as a happy reminder of his many years at AD. He presented me with a lazer print copy when he visited my home a year or so ago after I had contacted him following up a letter published in the L P P.

Ernie Jeffery Ex PS 1'A'/137054
LEFT: Excellent pen and ink drawing of the Palace of Westminster from Lambeth Bridge by Ex PC 302 'A'/131139 Manus 'Jock' BOYLE. Drawn early 1970's.
As well as a talented pen and ink artist 'Jock' was a first class raconteur and a real artist with words, 'painting' entertaining verbal thumbnails of the people around him.

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LEFT TOP: 1972.
POW Reunion L - R Ex Inspector George BLACKMORE* Ex Police Sergeant 'A' 'Jerry' JEROME * Ex Police Sergeant 114 'A' Frank 'Tanky' LAWRENCE.

LEFT BOTTOM: 1978 POW Reunion
Ex PC 343 'A' Cyril WALKER * Ex PC 611 'A' Tom WILKINS * Ex PC 'Daisy' CLIFTON * Ex PC Ron POPE.

Images presented by Ex PC 661 'A' Ray WARE.
1960's Newspaper clipping presented by Ex PC 661 'A' Ray Ware.
RIGHT: 1960's 'Ban The Bomb' Demonstration outside The Norman Porch Entrance, Palace of Westminster. Victoria Tower Gates in background.
L - R : Inspector George BLACKMORE (O.I.C. P.O.W.)* P.C. Ron POPE (Now 87 and living in Worthing) * P.C. 175 'A' Adrian COLLINS (Employed in plain clothes) P.C. 302 'A' Manus 'Jock' BOYLE * P.C. 605 'A' 'Jock' WEST * P.C. 291 'A' David 'Russ' CONWAY (Now living in Australia).
Far Left: EX 'A' PC's Bill ANDERSON and 'Mick' PURCELL pictured on the House of Commons Terrace.
Left: Ex PC 606 'A' Robin FELL and Ex PC 488 'A' Jack 'Nobby' CLARK outside St Stephen's Entrance, Palace of Westminster.Ex PC 163 'A' Ashley 'Bob' FRIDAY in rear.

Images presented by Ex PC 661 'A' Ray Ware.

'General 'A' Pictures (3)'